It is Christmas Eve --  the Santa alert flashes --  Santa is near! 

It is time for bed and quickly the children  run happily to bed! 

Enjoy Santa's Secret with your family this Christmas... 

Santa's Secret is family fun for the whole season!

This is the story of Fuddy Buddy Elf ® and how he helps Santa through the year.  Fuddy Buddy Elf is also with the children, checking up on them and diligently taking notes of what they want for Christmas.  He’s the children’s own personal elf!  


In the story Fuddy Buddy gives the children a secret hint about when Santa is near and it is time to go to bed.  When the fireplace sparkles and the tree lights flash then the children will have the signal that Santa is set to arrive soon.  The children will be off to bed in a flash!

It is a storybook and also a coloring book in paperback!  The story has illustrations in black and white so that children can enjoy coloring their Fuddy Buddy Elf Santa’s Secret story.  At the back of the book you will also find in the print edition several pages to record your use of Santa’s Secret over the years. 

The book also includes a parent’s guide for creating a Santa Alert signal.

 May this give you and your family years of fun and joy!